StarkTx Transaction Decoder Token Flow Insights SA

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About StarkTx

StarkTx is an open source tool to decode any StarkNet L2 transaction that is made freely available to the StarkNet community.

StarkTx is based on the open source Ethereum Transaction Decoder EthTx, and its development was generously supported by StarkWare through a grant to Token Flow Insights SA as well as technical support.

With thanks for support from:

The StarkNet community is invited to contribute to the codebase via Pull Request or Issue, and anyone can launch their own instances of StarkTx. See the GitHub repo for more information here.

About this implementation

This instance of StarkTx is hosted by Token Flow Insights SA, the team that developed EthTx and StarkTx and the current maintainer of the open source repositories for both decoders. For more information about us, please visit Token Flow.

Use of this implementation is under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.